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Northwind Intake manifold Dyno Testing.

December 23, 2009

Well we had a chance to test the new Northwind on a 535 pump gas hyd. roller engine recently against a few Victor intakes. The engine has 10.75 to 1 compression and has a set of our 345cfm E-heads on it with heart shaped chambers, a 250's/260's 114 lobe sep hyd. roller with lift in the upper .600's.

With a CNC port matched Victor and CNC plenum (previous testing showed the modified plenum was worth 20-25hp) and hand finished intake with a 1" HVH super sucker and a 1050 Pro Systems Dom. we made 718hp @ 6100rpm and 663.6lb/ft @ 4900rpm, we then swapped on the Northwind which had been port matched 2-3" up the runners but only some casting flash was removed in the plenum and a bit of blending to the flange was done as well as the 1.5" 4150-4500 adapter spacer that we used. The same Pro Systems carb was used, this set up netted 719.5hp @ 6200rpm a 668.4 lb/ft @ 4900rpm with an average increase from 4000-6500rpm of 8 hp and 2 lb/ft more with the Northwind vs. the Victor.

We then removed the spacer and bolted on an old Bill Mitchell 950HP we have kicking around that has made good power on other combo's. We bolted it directly to the intake with no spacer to see what the worse case scenerio would be if a guy just didn't have any hood clearance to add any spacers. In this configuration it netted 690.5hp @ 6100rpm and 648.4 lb/ft @ 4900 rpm. We then added a 1" open spacer and it picked up to 701.2hp @ 6100 rpm and 664.6 lb/ft @ 5000rpm, we tried a tapered 4 hole spacer but average power was better with the 1" open.

The last intake tested was a 4150 Victor that had been cut down about 3/4", the runners were port matched the same as the other intakes and the plenum was cleaned up a fair amount but not really seriously reworked. We ran it with a 1" spacer since previous tests have shown the Victor doesn't work too well cut down, the best pull made 694.7hp @ 6200rpm and 660 lb/ft @ 4900 rpm.

There's plenty more testing to do but this intial tests shows the Northwind is doing exactly what we hoped it would, providing us with a manifold that can feed bigger higher hp engines and still keep things under the stock hood.

We've dynoed this combo in the past and were basically stuck in the 650-660hp range with a ported Torker II and 1" spacer, the new Northwind looks like it's worth 30-40 hp more and is right there with the Victor and then some for this application. We'll be testing the Northwind on a KRE D-port engine soon, where we'll be comparing it to a ported Torker II.

We're in the process of developing some CNC porting programs for the Northwind intake to match our higher flow head packages. If you need more info give us a call.