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"Old Faithful" Custom Hyd. Roller Cam

This cam is by far our most popular street/strip cam for 455-474ci engines. The name came from all the dyno testing we were doing on different combinations, this cam works so well in so many different applications we started calling it "Old Faithful" and the name stuck. It provides a healthy sound at idle but really has a split personality as you can literally daily drive it but when you squeeze the throttle it'll pull till 6000+rpm in a heart beat. It supports power accessories and in our opinion (as well as a lot of customers) provides the best balance between daily driver street manners and track performance. This cam coupled with one of our aluminum CNC ported head packages and CNC runner ported Torker II intakes produces an awesome 565+hp and 590-600lb/ft of torque but still maintains excellent street manners. Power range is 2500-6000rpm. For more information or to place an order shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]

In a recent dyno test this cam installed in a 468ci engine with 9.5 to 1 compression, a set of our 260+cfm 6X heads, fully prepped cast iron Q-jet intake and a prepped Q-jet made 509+hp and 575+ lb/ft of torque on 91 octane.

236/245 dur @ .050" lift .578"/.582" lift with 1.52 ratio rockers 112 lobe sep

$ 469.95

$ 610.94

  * SD Performance reserves the right to change prices without notification.