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KRE 300-305cfm CNC ported D-port head

This head package has everything our 295 package includes with taller intake ports measuring 204cc's. The package was designed for engine combo's utilizing larger duration camshafts. In a recent dyno test on a 434ci 10.8 to 1 engine running on 92 octane with this head package along with a ported Torker II intake, 4150 carb and one of our larger custom hyd. roller camshafts made 604.8hp @ 6700rpm and 545.2 lb/ft of torque @ 5100rpm with a very broad power band. One of our customers is also running a set on his 468 here's a link with all the details http://sdperformance.com/customerCars_01.php?carID=121. This head package has a great balance of flow and port velocity for a wide range of street/strip engine combo's. Give us a call or e-mail for more details.
(requires our SCE 28103 intake manifold gaskets) From $1525.00 each US funds, complete ready to bolt on.

74cc or 85cc $1525.00 each US Funds

Note we can custom tailor the chamber size to meet your needs for no additional charge! e-mail techsupport for more details.

$ 1525.00 each

$ 2104.50 each

  * SD Performance reserves the right to change prices without notification.